Belts and hoses perform basic functions that keep some very complex systems going. With Amazing Auto Repair and Transmission’s radiator hose and timing belt replacement services, you can keep rolling with confidence.

Belt Warning Signs

The presence of frays, missing ribs, splits as well as frayed edges

Squeaks or squeals

Hose Warning Signs

Bulges or cracks in a hose

Vehicles typically have either a single serpentine belt or multiple belts (including the timing belt, drive belt and v-belt). Belt life varies considerably so consult your vehicle manual for the original equipment manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval.

Drive belts power the water pump, the air conditioning, power steering, and alternator among other components, so it’s very important to have your belts checked regularly. Driving a vehicle with a worn out drive belt may lead to bigger problems and more expensive repairs.

The car’s water pump is the heart of the vehicle’s cooling system. It circulates antifreeze/coolant throughout the radiator and the cooling system protecting the engine from overheating in the process. That’s why it is essential to have your hoses checked regularly to ensure that they are in the proper condition and will not negatively impact the system.

Any of the signs listed below could indicate that it’s time for a drive belt or timing belt replacement Leaking or corroded radiators, heaters and hoses can restrict coolant flow, causing poor air conditioning performance, poor heater performance and engine overheating.