At Amazing Auto Repair we strongly believe that the timing belt is the most critical maintenance item for your car or truck. If your timing belt fails, brakes, or jumps it can possibly cause major engine damage costing thousands of dollars in auto repairs. This can be avoided by having your timing belt replaced according to your car manufacture’s recommendation but no more than every six years. Below we have a guide which lists the mileage that the belt is required to be changed.

At Amazing Auto Repair we use the same factory OEM parts that the dealer ship offers but usually with a better price and warranty. At Amazing we offer *24 month /50k mile

If you own a foreign car such as a Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo or a late model domestic car like the Ford Focus you likely have a timing belt. Avoid costly damage to your engine and have your timing belt replaced before its too late. If your not sure at what mileage your supposed to have your timing belt replaced call us, we will be glad to look up what the manufacture requirement is for you specific car or truck. You can also reference the guide below.

I took my 2004 Toyota Tundra in for a timing belt change. Amazing Auto’s price was great compared to two other shops I called. My truck has an interference engine which requires practically taking the entire engine apart. I was a bit nervous based on my internet research about how involved the job was but scheduled the appointment. Dropped my truck off and they were able to finish it same day. They also replaced the water pump and a couple of other things that I read on a Toyota forum should be done since the engine was torn apart. I left the following week for a two week driving vacation. The truck performed great! It even seemed to have a little better response when accelerating. My truck has 101000 miles and I hope to put another 100k on it. I am a female and they were very patient to answer all the questions I had from my internet research. Seem very trustworthy and I would recommend them in the future. – Lori D, EA (Electronic Arts)