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This is another one of those tough questions to answer. Outside of the transmission falling out onto the ground while you are driving down the road, the average individual (and quite a few mechanics) may not really know if they are having a transmission problem, or something that is acting like a transmission problem.

Some recommend checking the fluid color and smell, but with some of the new transmission fluids used in new cars and trucks, the color is already darker than what many of us are use to. The pretty cherry red fluid is no longer the norm in many vehicles. The smell is different too, due to special additives which may lead one to believe that there is burning going on, when there really isn’t. Today’s transmissions are also directly integrated with the new engine control systems in use. These high power computers control everything that your vehicle does, from turning on the A/C to telling your trans how to shift and when. When something on your vehicle starts to act up, like the engine getting too warm, or there is a malfunction in one of ignition coils , a lot of people, including some good mechanics, may point to the transmission as the problem. Why, because your car seems to be shifting funny or it’s bucking like a bronco at highway speeds. Trust me, in these cases you could replace the transmission until the cows come home, and it wouldn’t fix a thing.

There are some good pointers that your vehicle needs to be checked by a transmission technician (no, not the oil change or tire guy). Some of these indicators are:

  1. Check Engine Light Comes On or Stays On.
  2. The O.D. Light Flashes or Stays On.
  3. Fluid Spots In The Driveway – Obviously Not Engine Oil.
  4. Wont Go Into Drive or Reverse.
  5. Vehicle Will Not Move In Any Gear.
  6. A Grinding Noise That Goes Away When The Transmission Shifts.
  7. A Burning Oil Smell When You Drive.

These are some of the indicators but the best way to determine what is going on with your transmission is to bring your vehicle in to the Austin Texas specialist in Transmissions, Amazing Auto Repair.

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