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EXAMPLE: This is a example of a issue we have experienced when diagnosing a vehicle. Your car runs great, but every time it gets up to highway speed there’s a “surge”. The car feels like it’s slowing down and speeding up slightly. The tech at the shop where you take your car for tires and shocks is convinced that it’s a transmission problem. He is ASE brake & suspension certified so he must be right.

You take the car to the first transmission shop and explain everything that was going on… including the information that the tire tech told you. The transmission place (seeing that you already have had a “professional” diagnosis, the tire guy) tells you that it will require a transmission overhaul or replacement. No one checked or diagnosed anything ! They just knew… or did they?

If you had brought the truck to Amazing Auto Repair, you would have gotten a complete vehicle diagnosis. Our state of the art equipment, we would have found (in this case) that you only needed one of the 6 ignition coils replaced and not the transmission. The surging was only felt during highway speeds (when the torque converter was in lock up mode) and that the real problem was a slight engine miss-fire.

Noises, bumps, rattles and shifting problems can be a transmission issue… or they can also be bad mounts, loose cables, bad TCM connections, or electrical problems. Most of which can be fixed for much less money than a transmission overhaul.

That’s why we are the best. To properly correct a “transmission” issue, you have to have the skill and equipment to make sure that it is (in fact) a real transmission problem. It’s your money. In this case, the difference is a $200 repair vs. more than a $1,000 to rebuild or replace the transmission.

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