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Did you know that most repair shops do not repair or rebuild transmissions? Other shops simply remove the transmission from the car and send it out to a transmission specialty shop like Amazing Transmission to preform the work.

I have a question to ask you, if a repair shop does not have the expertise to repair the transmission themselves, then how can they diagnose your vehicle correctly to make sure it is the transmission?Today’s vehicles are a complex combination of computers, electronics, mechanical and hydraulic parts. All working together and all affecting how your transmission performs. A problem with any one of these systems can cause a problem which seem like it is your transmission but it might not really be the transmission at all.

You May Not Need A Transmission Rebuild | Amazing Auto Repair & Transmission

Our expert transmission mechanics often find that only a repair is needed and NOT a transmission rebuild. We even have testimonials where customers have come to Amazing Auto Repair & Transmission being told by another shop that they needed a transmission rebuild, costing thousnds of dollars, but after our diagnosis we found that only a repair costing a few hundred dollars was needed. Price is one thing but Honest shop with expert transmission mechanics is always your best value.

Call us today and we can schedule a FREE transmission check and computer scan of your transmission. If your vehicle needs to be towed we can arrange to have your vehicle towed for FREE also.